Drop in Smoking Threatens Embattled Tobacco Bonds

PR Senate Approves Bond Issue

Detroit’s Bankruptcy: GM Redux?

As expected, PR GOs are staging a significant relief rally in the wake of the 2/18 investor webcast. According to Municipal Market Data, PR GO spreads vs AAA in 5 and 10 years have tightened by 115 BP in the last week alone (through 2/21).The 30 year range has also rallied, but more modestly, with […]

PR Whats Not Being Talked About-Axios Research 02-21-14

TXU/Energy Future Holdings Potential Bankruptcy Has Muni Implications According to Bloomberg, there are about $1.3 billion in TXU-backed munis still outstanding. Another “distressed” muni name to add to the list.

Puerto Rico’s Latest Investor Webcast: Early Takeaways